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Water Planet offers a variety of dolphin swim programs for the whole family in Panama City Beach, Florida, including fun and educational swim-with-the-dolphins tours and dolphin therapy programs for ren with special needs.

Why Water? Because creating access to safe drinking water is the most powerful way to improve the world.

If you look down at our planet from outer space, most of what you see is water; 71% of the planet’s surface is covered by ocean and it is because of this that the Earth is sometimes called “the water planet”.

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The Water Planet team is proficient in marine ecology, seamanship, psychology, physical therapy, acupuncture/acupressure, moxa …

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HYGIENE EDUCATION . Our Water-Health and Hygiene Education programs create change in behaviors, beliefs and knowledge of water-health and hygiene practices – and are delivered in colleges, homes and

The Water is Now Open.. Open Water Swimming is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle for those aspiring to challenge their limits. The Open Water Planet brand creates signature events empowering committed athletes to explore our giant open planet, in addition to connecting athletes with lifestyle products that capture the essence of the OWP way

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Serving Southern California businesses with bottleless water coolers and dispensers. Starting at only $30 per month!

Water Planet offers the industry’s first smart membrane products – delivering more water at less cost for our customers around the world.

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Water Planet sells the world’s first smart membrane products, which enable the most cost-effective, reliable solutions for industrial water reuse.

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