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Malcolm McLaren’s son was outraged when he heard his man had left him out of his will. But here the Sex Pistols founder’s teenfriend tells why he didn’t deserve a penny

The brainlessness and hypocrisy of television has long been a source of fun and social commentary in punk rock—from Black Flag’s “TV Party” (“I don’t even bother to use my brain anymore”) to the Dead Kennedys’ “M.T.V. …

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Rock and punk in the car on the way home relieve the day’s stress

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The Professionals are an English punk rock band active from 1979 to early 1982 and again from 2015. They were formed by ex-Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook after that band’s demise.

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Sex Pistols Experience tour dates and tickets from, the UK’s biggest entertainment website.

Johnny Rotten aka John Lydon’s closing words at the last Sex Pistols gig (watch it online) seemed apt this week when Virgin Bank announced their current line of credit cards would feature the band’s signature artwork. That Jamie Reid’s famous cut-n-paste zine-cum-Situationalist aesthetic has

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